Alessandra Taccia

born 1968, Italian, live in Cambridge, England.

BA with Hons in Fine Arts, Painting, Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti Genova, Italy.

I started painting at an early age as I was inspired by my father, who was an amateur painter in Genova. I made my first oil painting aged 11, a study of one of Amedeo Modigliani's portraits. I was fascinated by his use of colour and his ability to simplify forms. I continued to paint throughout my youth and eventually went on studying my artistic discipline for a further 8 years before graduating as a painter.

After several years of inactivity ( I didn't liked what I used to paint so I stopped) I started painting again last year. The process wasn't straightforward, I kept my creativity afloat by making crafts, it was when I started to make handwoven wall hangings that eased me to draw and sketch again; I gradually transitioned from sketching abstract wall hangings to abstract collages and drawings, then started to draw vessels, pages and pages of vessels on rows and finally started to paint compositions of domestic objects on boards.

Nowadays my subjects tends to be still life, everyday unpretentious objects, they are a pretext for balance and harmony, colour and form; a pretext perhaps to seek balance and harmony in my life.

I believe there is beauty in the mundane, the menial tasks of everyday life, and that we do not have to look to the sublime to find beauty. The muted hues and tones that I create in my work are those that resonate with me the most and are drawn from memories of familiar natural and urban landscapes. I often mix several colours to obtain a specific hue I have in my mind and I leave or create imperfections on purpose. My paintings are developed through several layers before reaching their final state, much like the way I intend to build up a state of quietude that I long for in my life and work. I feel a deep sense of serenity, focus and connection when I'm painting and I hope it's reflected somehow in my work.